Epilogue: Ronald gets sole Olympics ticket

This is a follow-up to my previous entry “Tale of Two Shuttlers”

The report:

According to The Sunday Times (01 June 2008 ) report, the Singapore Badminton Association has decided to give the sole men single’s berth to Ronald Susilo because it feels that he is training well and injury-free and a better medal hope than rival Kendrick Lee.

My thoughts:


Well, the SBA has made its decision and one has to respect it, because I am certain, a lot of expert opinion was involved.

Unfortunately, unless he gets a good draw, I don’t see Ronald making it to the quarters this time (which he did at the 2004 Olympics). But I hope I am proven wrong because I like the chap and I feel a stronger sense of affinity to him than our “made-in-China’ national table-tennis teams.

So all the best, Ron. I’ll be rooting for you.

Pity the SBA didn’t consider organising a physical battle between the two shuttlers for the Beijing ticket though. Missed opportunity there to raise the profile of Singapore badminton on the eve of the Aviva Singapore Open.

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan

Note: The pic of Ronald is from the Team Singapore website (www.teamsingapore.com.sg)

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5 thoughts on “Epilogue: Ronald gets sole Olympics ticket

  1. :) says:

    The basis of the selection sounds highly political to me. I trust that the only reason why Ronald is chosen over Kendrick is a strategy to keep the latter in SBA for another 4 years. SBA probably knows that if Kendrick gets a ticket for the OG this year, he will retire after this because he has always wanted to enter uni. There is no motivation or incentive left for him to continue after the OG. Qualifying for the OG is what every professional athlete would aim for before they retire, no matter how well or badly they may fare at the OG. Personally I feel gutted for Kendrick, it is definitely not because he is not good enough especially in terms of recent form, he would pipe Ronald any day. Everyone in the circuit would know that Kendrick’s game and personality is not any less mature than Ronald too. Ronald is far from a OG medal prospect with his current form. The thing is, if SBA is serious about grooming Kendrick for a shot at a medal in the 2012 Olympic, they will be sending him for this. It is a bizarre selection choice in my opinion.

  2. Ernest Luis says:

    Well, you know what,

    Before the SBA verdict, I read your suggestion on the Susilo-Kendrick showdown, and thought it was a novel idea. I would have paid.

    There’s a “sudden-death winner-takes-all” hook to the idea. But in Singapore, where most of the time, officials like to err on the side of caution, the public’s imagination isn’t usually stirred, and I wasn’t surprised we all knew this was coming in the end.

    So life goes on…in some sports…as usual. And they complain why football steals the attention. Hey, work harder then for more ideas…

    Ernest Luis
    The Postman
    The New Paper

  3. singaporesportsfan says:

    Dear Jan

    What an interesting observation. Yes, what you say also makes a lot of sense and if so, then the SBA is guilty of a gross injustice to Kendrick.

    Having said that, one wishes that Kendrick had been more consistent in the past year. Had he nailed a couple of good results, he would have control of his own fate and wouldn’t be stuck in this situation.

    And he would have gone to the OG with no pressure – which in turn could have helped his progress, just like how he, as an underdog, went all the way to the SEA Games finals.

    Thanks for visiting the blog. Hope to hear more from you.

  4. singaporesportsfan says:

    Hi Ernest

    Yes, I would have paid too to see three consecutive nights of “The Battle for Beijing”. Can you imagine if it went all the way to the wire with either Ron or Kendrick winning 2-1?

    Imagine all the coverage and publicity in the papers…

    If our sports officials do not want to put on their thinking caps and find ways to milk any situation to the benefit of their sport, then is it any wonder then that local sports fans are so tidak apah about local sports?

  5. :) says:

    Kendrick has actually been performing very well internationally, better than Susilo for that matter. The problem is the local media doesn’t give coverage of his overseas’ achievements, hence it goes unaware. I get to travel a lot to cover badminton events overseas and Kendrick has done well, getting to at least 1 final and several quarter-finals of major international events. I’m sure sending Ronald over Kendrick would have raised several eyebrows amongst the players. The last time I caught up with Kendrick, he did mention about retiring when his contract ends this year and get his degree overseas, let’s wait and see whether this OG verdict will change his decision. ;)

    PS. Thanks for writing in this space! For a long time I’ve conceded that Singaporeans no longer care about what goes on with their local players. Refreshing to read your pieces and hope you enjoy Red Sports. :)

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