Not so Swift with the results, I’m afraid

Okay, this is getting to be a bit much.

It’s been four days since the end of the Akira Swift Open Track and Field Championships (which ended on 1 June) and I am desperately wanting to see how some of our promising juniors (like sprinter Calvin Kang and jumpers Stefan Tseng, Matthew Goh and Mariam Shazana) had done and do an overall report about selected events and results.

I knew there was anticipation of a number of national records being broken and I knew too that the rain on both days must have affected some performances.

But that’s all I know.

Why? Because I am still bloody unable to find not only a report but also the full results of the competition anywhere on the net.

I’ve tried the Swift Athletics Club website ( ) – nothing.

I’ve tried the Singapore Amateur Athletics Association’s webite ( ) – nothing.

Now, if the people at Swift tell me that they haven’t had time to put up the resuts because they are all volunteers, hen well, I can accept it, albeit reluctantly.

But what excuse can the national body, the SAA, have, especaly when a) it has a team of full-time staff and b) it was advertising the Championships on its website prior to last weekend?

Look, it’s the era of the internet. If your organisation has an official website, then you jolly well make sure it is kept updated regularly.  

I’ve looked at the search words people have been using to vist this blog and it is clear that many of them are also looking for the latest information about Singapore athletics.

I hate to say this but the long delay in getting the results out just reinforces the current impression of the state and pace of Singapore athletics – simply plodding.

Is there any one out there with the results in pdf or word format? If so, can you do a favour for local athletics and send it to me at so that I can do a report? I’ll be very grateful and I am sure many other people wil be too.

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan 

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2 thoughts on “Not so Swift with the results, I’m afraid

  1. uncle sha says:

    I myself am waiting for the results. I’ve emailed Swift AA but no response in days now

    Usually SAA won’t carry new or results of club matters like Swift, so the only source is Swift itself

    If I recalled Calvin did 10.96s in heats & 10.77s in finals. His nat jr record of 10.55s still intact. No records in 100m. It was won by
    1. Poh Seng Song 10.7+
    2. Calvin 10.77s
    3. Amir ?
    4. UK Shyam

    The triple jump there was only 2 competitors, I don’t know the distance
    – Stefan Tseng, Sport Sch
    – Alvin, Wings

    Women’s jump, there was only one competitor itself. Mariam. Distance unknown

    I don’t know if Matthew Goh competed

    I knew results from Swift from past year are slow in being posted, and would usually take a photo of the results posted then on that day; like a temporary results before official ones are out, but my camera spoilt, so what a waste

    Swift Open is the only meet locally that holds lucky draw, giving away sponsored items to competitors. I reckon it would be better if that lot of money were used as prize money to winners instead. It could perhaps attract overseas runners & improving the level of competition and more participations, rather than one or two participations in such events

  2. singaporesportsfan says:

    Hi Sha

    Well, in this case, SAA should be carrying the results since it did advertise the event on its website. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of doing so, wouldn’t you agree?

    I mean, if pubicising the event on your website is done as an act of community service, then likewise, wouldn’t publishing the results be the natural follow-up act, in the same name of community service?

    Anyway, is it really so hard to upload a pdf file of all the results regardless of whether the site is being run by volunteers or full-time staff?

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