Man, these are some really scary-looking Team Singapore fans…

I saw this full-page ad by Team Singapore in today’s edition of TODAY (4 August 2008) and couldn’t help laughing.

Team Singapore ad featuring Li Jia Wei

Those are some really scary-looking fans in the background and if I were Jia Wei, I don’t think I would be very encouraged at the thought of having them cheering me on.

I think the ad agency that did the Team Singapore ads could have done a much better job at choosing the fan images for the background. It just reveals a lack of logical think-through when they did the original photo-shoots of the fans.

Right now, it just looks as though they rifled through their stock footage and said “Okay, let’s just super-impose the pictures that we already have, slap an image of Jia Wei in front and that will be all we have to do for this ad.”

If I am not mistaken, these Team Singapore ads are meant to be impactful, rouse people into action and generate an awareness, if not a sense of pride, of our athletes in action at the Beijing Games.

Unfortunately, this ad just seems daft. And I shudder to think of the other similar ads featuring our other Team Singapore athletes that will be appearing in its wake.

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan

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