Newsflash: Thong En spears down national junior record

Victoria Junior College student Koh Thong En speared his way to a new national junior mark as he finished fifth in the men’s javelin at the 70th Singapore Open Track and Field Championships last Sunday. 

Koh Thong En in action during the 49th National Schools Track and Field Championships (picture courtesy of

Koh Thong En in action during the 49th National Schools Track and Field Championships (picture courtesy of

The 17-year-old first-year student threw 54.14m at the Bukit Gombak Stadum to eclipse the national junior record mark of 53.70m set by Akid Chong during the 34th Singapore Junior Athletics Championships in late June.

The event was won by Sri Lanka’s K. H. K Gunathilaka who threw 74.85m. China’s Qin Qiang took the silver with 71.12m while Japan’s Yamamoto Kazuki was third wth 68.01m.

Thong En had already shown signs during the recent 49th National Schools Track and Field Championships that he was capable of hurling beyond the 53m mark when he won the Boys A Division event with a distance of 54.78m.

However, that was achieved with a 700g javelin, the stipulated weight for the A Division Boys competition whereas 800g javelins – the adult standard – were used at the Singapore Open.

If Thong En’s record is ratified by the Singapore Athletics Association, it would be the 18th national open and junior mark to be broken this year (see here and here for a list of the other records that have been broken to date) 

Despite seeing his name wiped off the national record books, Nanyang Polytechnic student Akid Chong still had some reason to smile at the Singapore Open. His best effort of 53.90m, which helped him to finish sixth eventually, is a new personal best and also bettered the existing national junior mark.

The fact that only 0.24m is separating the two young athletes means that Singapore track and field fans could be in for a huge treat the next few times Thong En and Akid come into battle again.

The Singapore Sports Fan extends his heartiest congratulations to Thong En and hopes that he and Akid will continue to set new standards for Singapore athletics.

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan  

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6 thoughts on “Newsflash: Thong En spears down national junior record

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  2. sl says:

    hi SSF, at the 2001 National Schools Track and Field meet, Solomon Tan Jun Zhang from The Chinese High School vaulted to a new championship record of 4.35m in the B division event. This should be the current U-17 record, right?

  3. singaporesportsfan says:

    Dear sl

    Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, I am now very intrigued by this discrepancy.

    According to the official results from the 34th Singapore Junior Athletics Championships, which was made available on the Singapore Athletics Association website, the age-group record for the Boys U-17 pole vault was held by Jacob Yao Junjie (4.15m) who set it on 19 April 2008.

    That mark was bettered by Sean Lim during the Championships. He cleared 4.16m. A capital ‘A’ was stamped next to the result, indicating that the height was a new age-group record.

    So I used that as my basis for reporting that Benjamin Ng had set a new age-group record at the Singapore Open with his 4.30m effort.

    I can only deduce from here that there was either a mistake in the SAA’s records, resulting in the initial error of crediting Jacob Yao as the record-holder.

    It’s either that or the possibility that Solomon Tan’s record was never ratified or submitted to the SAA for ratification.

    In other words, the Singapore Schools Sports Council may have ratified Solomon’s record as a Schools National Record but there was no ratification of the mark by the SAA. The SSSC and SAA are two separate bodies.

    I’m going to reflect this discrepancy in my report until the SAA confirms that Solomon’s mark is indeed the national U-17 age-group mark.

    But a big thank you for pointing this out. Like I have always maintained, this site can only improve from constant feedback from its readers. Thank you for contributing.

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