One-dimensional Singapore crash to Vietnam at Kallang, bow out of Suzuki Cup semis

Singapore  lost 0-1 to Vietnam in the second leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup sem-final at the National Stadium tonight. The result means that Vietnam will now advance to the final after holding Singapore to a 0-0 draw in the first leg in Hanoi a few days back.

Vietnam clinched the final berth after Nguyen Quang Hai scored the winner in the 76th minute. The result means that Singapore – champions in 2004 and 206 – has now lost the chance to become the first three-time winner of the Asean Championships.

Here’s a report from Channel News Asia:

Football: Vietnam advance to AFF Suzuki Cup Final


SINGAPORE : Vietnam advanced to the final of the AFF Suzuki Cup after defeating Singapore 1-0 in the second leg semi-final at the National Stadium on Sunday.Vietnam and Singapore had played to a goalless draw in the first leg semi-final on Wednesday.


Singapore‘s heroics came to naught when Vietnam‘s Nguyen Quang Hai scored in the 76th minute.Vietnam good luck in the final.”Vietnam will play against Thailand in the final.

It was a sea of red at the National Stadium as the home crowd turned out to support their team.

The game started off fast and furious in the early stages, with Noh Alam Shah attempting two near goals within the first 10 minutes.

But tempers flared as the match got more tense with Shah and Shahril Ishak receiving yellow cards.

Quick thinking by Pham Thanh Luong saved the Vietnamese side from scoring an own goal.

But intense pressure from both sides resulted in the first half of the match ending in a goalless draw.

Radojko Avramovic, coach, Singapore Football Team, said: “Everyone was trying hard, everyone was trying on that field. From that side, I really can’t complain. I wish

Thailand had defeated Indonesia 2-1 in the second leg semi-final match on Saturday night in Bangkok. – CNA/ms

My thoughts:

1. It was an evenly-fought game but Vietnam, in my opinion, came out the deserving winner because of the attractive flowing football they dished out. The goal they scored in the 75th minute was a fitting example of the sort of stylish football they played.

On a quick counter-attack, a wonderful exchange of passes resulted in striker Le Cong Vinh eventually speeding down the left flank and shimmying his way past Ismail Yunos into the box.

He then cut a pass across the face of goal as goalkeeper Lionel Lewis desperately came out to cover the angle. And all an oncoming Nguyen needed to do after beating a lumbering Precious Emuejeraye for speed and entering the box, was to tap the ball into the empty net.

2. My man of the match though was Noh Alam Shah for playing with so much heart, fire,spirit and determination. And when the final whistle blew, I just felt so sorry for him.

And despite his irritaing time-wasting and injury-feigning tactics, Vietnam goalkeeper Duong Hong Son came a close second behind Alam Shah with his commanding display beween the posts – and for that hat-trick of saves he pulled off in the 84th minute.

He first incredibly kept out Mustafic Fahrudin’s header with a one-handed save before recovering quicky to swat the loose air-ball away before Mstafic could head it again. The oose ball fell to Muhammad Ridhuan who sent a cross in – and Duong was there again to punch it away to safety.

On the other hand, Agu Cashmir was truly crap. So was Precious whose lack of speed and slowness on the turn were once again clearly exposed by the Viets.

One just cannot help feeling that these two naturalised citizens, supposedly among the best players in our local S-League, are gradually passing their prime to the point that they are no longer the sort of players that the Lions can count on for the big games. 

One comes away with the impression that they are only able to shine against minor sides like Laos and Cambodia and don’t have the skill to play against tougher teams.

3. Before the game, The New Paper quoted Vietnam coach Henrique Castilo as saying he did not like Singapore’s long-ball tactics. Truth be told, I didn’t like them either as I watched the game tonight. Singapore’s play was so one-dimensional and clueless that it seemed as though the Lions didn’t know how else to play except by hoofing the ball into the Vietnamese final third and then hoping for the best.

It was like watching Wimbledon in action in the early 1990s.  

Castilo also said to before the game: “The truth is that I am not surprised with the way Singapore played in Hanoi. That was  the third game we have played against them and Singapore cannot play any better.”

In light of how the Lions played tonight, Castilo’s words certainly had the bitter taste of truth about them.

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan

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