Precious gets a 1/10 from radio deejay Glenn Ong – but the joke could be on us in the end

Heard this on the radio today.

Popular Class 95 FM radio deejay Glenn Ong, who hosts The Morning Show with the Flying Dutchman, was giving his ratings for each Singapore player in the aftermath of Singapore’s 0-1 loss toVietnam in the AFF Suzuki Cup semi-final.

Ong ran through the list of names and his ratings were pretty high for most of the players. Defender Noh Rahman got a 7, Mustafic Fahrudin got an 8, likewise Baihakki Khaizan and Noh Alam Shah, and ditto for Muhammad Ridhuan got an 8 as well. Even Agu Cashmir got a 7 (altough I couldn’t understand why).

The Flying Dutchman then told Ong that he missed out a player- defender Precious Emurejeraye.

Ong’s reply was swift: “Precious? I rate him….. a ONE.”

He then went on to describe Precious’ performance as akin to that of a “handicapped elephant” and said that the Nigerian-turned-Singaporean was completely to blame for the goal tha Vietnam scored to send Singapore tumbling out of the semi-finals.

It was all pretty funny, truth be told.  But it was also the bitter truth.

Slow and cruely exposed against Vietnam, Precious Emuejeraye (left) is clearly emerging as a defensive liability for the Lions  Picture from

Slow and cruely exposed against Vietnam, Precious Emuejeraye (left) is clearly emerging as a defensive liability for the Lions Picture from

This is not the first time that the lumbering naturalised citizen has been criticised for being slow and for being constantly out of position.

He was also cruelly exposed and outplayed during the first-leg of the semi-final in Hanoi and only the goalpost and the astute goalkeeping of Lionel Lewis prevented Vietnam from romping home to a 3-0 win. 

What Precious has going for him is his size and strength. But even that proved to be of little use against the marauding Uzbeks when they trounced the Lions 7-3 at the National Stadium during the Asian World Cup qualifiers.

Precious’ inability to keep up with speedy attackers has not only been exposed but is clearly fast becoming a liability for the Lions.

Glenn Ong’s wisecrack was funny today.

Unfortunately, the joke will be on all of us if national coach Raddy Avramovic persists in fielding Precious in the heart of defence alongside Baihakki Khaizan when the Asian Cup qualifiers come around in January.

Woe betide us then.

And if Avramovic does, the question remains: is Precious one of the best central defenders in the S-League?

If so, what does that say about the standards of the S-League itself?

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan 

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