How poor were our Lions against Iran? Check out this clip and judge for yourselves

Still on Singapore’s recent 0-6 thrashing by Iran in their group’s opening Asian Cup qualifying match.

Here’s a video of the match highlinghts namely Ismal Yunos’ dismissal and the six goals that Iran subsequently scored.

I’ll leave it to you decide how badly Singapore played in the match after Ismail’s sacking in the 39th minute.

As you watch, do recall national coach Raddy Avramovic’s criticism of the Lions:

“They didn’t want to play as a team. It looked like nobody wanted to put in the extra effort that is necessary when you play with 10 men. That is just wrong.”


“Some players don’t feel responsible for the team, that was clear. When we were in possession, nobody wanted the ball. You will only concede three goals in five minutes if you play without responsibility.”


Do you think Avramovic’s criticisms were justified?

As for me, what I can see from the video was a woeful performance by the Singapore backine and some seriously horrendous marking (or lack of).


Singapore takes on Jordan on Wednesday, 28 Jan, at the National Stadium. It has to win this match if it wants to grab one of the group’s two qualifying spots for the 2011 Asian Cup. Jordan drew 0-0 with Thailand in their opening group encounter.

You can watch the video of that game here:

Also, check out this blog: – it has a collection of Asian intenational matches and seems to beupdated fairly frequently.

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Singapore Sports Fan

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2 thoughts on “How poor were our Lions against Iran? Check out this clip and judge for yourselves

  1. les says:

    Hey SSF, notice the short conversation Raddy had with Ismail Yunos after he got to the touchline? Probably asking him what he was trying to do with such a reckless tackle at the half way line. Looks like Ismail Yunos lost his head.

  2. singaporesportsfan says:

    Hi Les

    It sure looks like a shelling from Raddy.
    But Ismail wasn’t the only one who lost his head. Judging from the abysmal defending and marking, it looks as though the rest of the Lions were playing like headless chickens.

    Thanks for visiting. :-)


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