Record-breaking starts for Christel and Chriselle in Nat Schools Swim C’ships

The report:

This report (see below) came out in as a Breaking News item in the sports section of the internet version of The Straits Tmes (

           2 snare swimming records (, 21 Apr 2009)


CHRISTEL Fung and Chriselle Koh may have snared the honour of being the first record-breakers at this year’s Schools National Swimming Championships which began on Tuesday at the Singapore Sports School.


But the two teenagers could not have achieved their feats in more contrasting fashion.


Raffles Institution (Junior College) student Christel spectacularly destroyed the A Girls 800m freestyle mark when she touched home in 9 minutes 45.57seconds. The 17-year-old’s gold-medal winning effort was 27seconds faster than the existing mark of 10 minutes 12.91secs set by Sheena Soh last year.


‘I didn’t expect it because the 800m is not my pet event,’ said the estactic Year One student who will be competing in the 400m freestyle – her favourite event – on Wedneday. ‘Also, I also only started my intensive swimming training regime last week. So this was really a pleasant surprise.’


Victoria JC student Sheena, whose record was broken by Christel, was second in 10:25.13sec while Diviya Menon of Anglo-Chinese JC was third in 11:10.37


The B Girls 800m freestyle record also fell today but the way Chriselle Goh achieved her feat was a stark contrast to Christel’s massive win.


The Raffles Girls School student squeaked past the existing record of 9:21.82 – set by Lim Xiang Qi of the Singapore Sports School last year – by just over a second.


Chriselle clocked 9:20.13 for the gold. Schoolmate Claire Lye was a distant second in 10:22.74 while Ivy Tan of St Nicholas Girls took the bronze in 10:23.36.


My thoughts:

Heartiest congratulations to Christel Fung and Chriselle Koh for their record-breaking feats on the first day of the Schools National Swimming Championships. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of several, which can only bode wel for local swimming.

Great too to see that The Staits Times has started featuring real-time breaking news reports of the Schools National Track and Field and Swimming Championships finals this week.

Previously, reports on the schools finals would be parked in the subscription-based digital edition of The Straits Times. Which means that many people would not be able to access the stories. But now that it is i the Breaking News section, it mean that it has become completely accessible.

I am sure there will be an interest in these reports from students, their parents and relatives, and even past students of these schools.

That’s the beauty about school sports. And that’s why Redsports ( has become such a hit with students and adults in just three short years. 

One may not be interested in the local sports scene but one will almost always be interested in finding out how his or her school has done in school sports.

After all, haven’t we all been there before, either as a student athlete going all out to bring glory to our school,or as a spectator, frying away in the stands especially on blistering hot days, yet cheering wildly from the stands until our throats are hoarse?

It’s this and the sheer passion in school sports as well as the innocence of it all that makes it constantly interesting for us, long after we leave school and move into adulthood.  

Have fun checking if your school has done well in track or swimming on and at redsports. Cheers

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan

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