Newsflash: Singapore athletes break five national records at Negri Sembilan Open

It’s been raining Singapore national records at the Negri Sembilan Open this weekend.

A total of two national open records and five national junior marks were broken by our athletes in what must be one of the best displays by a Singapore athletics contingent in recent memory.

Triple jumper Mariam Shazana got the ball rolling when she broke her national open and junior mark of 11.66 metres on Saturday. She cleared 11.70m on her third and then equalled it on her fourth attempt.

This is the fifth time the 17-year-old student has broken the national mark since 2006.

Today, a flood of record-breaking feats followed. 

Stefan Tseng also broke his national open and junior mark of 15.78m when he leapt 16.04m this afternoon. He not only won the event but also set a new championship record.

The 18-year-old student may have missed out on qualifying for the South-east Asian Games by 0.03 (the qualifying mark is 16.07m) but he can still take a lot of positives away from his performance.

Reason: Not onlyhas he broken the psychological barrier of cracking the 16m mark, he has also become the first Singapore jumper to ever clear 16m.

Stefan has several more meets lined up this year and there is no reason why we can’t expect him to break the record again and achieve his aim of qualifying for the Sea Games.

“I’m okay with his performance today because there was a strong head wind of -1.3m/s blowing against him today,” said his coach, Valeri Obidko. ” He would have jumped further if there wasn’t the head wind.”  

High jumper Wayne Yap also wrote his name into the national record books today. The Hwa Chong Institution student broke a 22-year-old junior mar when he cleared 2.08m. The previous mark of 2.07m was set by Mohd Azahar Sapuan’s in 1987.

Finally, Dipna Lim-Prasad entered her name twice in the national record books today.

The 18-year-old first set a new national junior mark in the Girls 100m hurdles when she finished third in her event in 15.40sec. That time shaved off 0.07sec off the existing mark of 15.47sec which was set by Amanda Tan last year.

Dipna then combined with Shalom Danielle See, T. Piriyah and Fiona Ng to set a new 4x400m relay junior record. The quartet won the event in a blistering 3min 56.70sec, smashing the year-old mark of 4:00.48.

Incidentlaly, that mark was set by Dipna, Shalom, Valerie Pereira and Ng Yu Jun last June in Indonesia.

The Singapore Sports Fan congratulates all our national athletes for a great job at the Negri Sembilan Open and hopes to see them continue breaking their own marks this year and in the near future.

Well done, guys and girls!

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan

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9 thoughts on “Newsflash: Singapore athletes break five national records at Negri Sembilan Open

  1. sl says:

    hi SSF, actually in aug 06, 4 sports school girls went sub 4min in the 4 by 4 relay at the Thai sports school games.

    j lossini, chua khai leng, dipna and valerie clocked 3:58.66. again, as you said in an earlier post, perhaps this mark was not submitted to the saa. hence the existing 4:00:48 record.

    nevertheless, the latest one went below both times.

    • singaporesportsfan says:

      Thanks for the info, SL

      I’m given to understand that the Track And Field Academy is usually reluctant to submit timings from the Thai Sports School Games for ratification because of the lack of proper equipment at the Games.

      Thanks for visiting the blog and for the feedback. Much appreciated


  2. sl says:

    alright, thanks for the insight! keep up the good work here

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  4. ice says:

    I know if I say this, people will say I’m not supportive of local sports blah blah. But it’s quite pathetic that in Singapore athletics, even new national records are still so far off SEA Games qualifying times, which is actually just the 3rd place time only. And it’s sad that the top athletes like Stefan Tseng and Michelle Sng have trouble even qualifying for the Games.

    Look at swimming. The national records in swimming are always comparable to the SEA Games gold time, or at worst, the silver medal time. And none of our top swimmers have trouble qualifying for SEA Games at all

  5. singaporesportsfan says:

    Dear Ice

    Thanks for your feedback and for visiting this site.

    I know what you mean but I would not fault our athletes for struggling to meet SEA Games qualifying standards.

    It is the SAA that is at fault in the end.

    Its lack of local development all these years has been truly embarrassing. Which is why I wonder why Loh Lin Kok is still at the helm after all these years.

    But what to do? The affiliates vote him an his team into office term after term, and so in the end, they are Singapore athletics’ own worst enemies.

    I wouldn’t fault the athletes at all, especially this new crop of rising young talents like Stefan, Michelle, Piriyah etc.

    Nor will I not belittle their achievements, because, in the end, this is the enviroment that they find themselves training in, whether they like it or not, and so they make the best of it.

    In the end, the SAA should consider itself damn lucky that the Sports School was set up.

    Without the Sports School, and the coaching expertise it has brought in over the years, Singapore athletics would still be dead.

    As for our athletes, I rejoice each time they set new records because it means they are raising the bar on excellence inspite of the crap environment they train in.

    And if they can eventually qualify for the SEA Games, it means that Singapore will be represented by more local athletes (instead of foreign imported throwers) in more track and field events at this year’s SEA Games.

    Now that is something really worth celebrating.


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