A recap of Singapore’s medals and medal winners at the Asian Youth Games

Here’s a recap of Singapore’s  medal winners at the just-concluded Asian Youth Games.

In total, our athletes won nine golds, six silvers and 15 bronzes as Singapore finished fourth in the medal tally behind China (25, 16, 11), South Korea (20, 17, 17) and Thailand (11, 7, 2).

Our swimmers also set six new national records in the pool.

Congratulations to all for a great job at the Games, and for flying Singapore’s flag high.

NINE Golds:


1. New Hui Fen: Girls Singles

2. New Hui Fen/Darshini Krishna:  Girls Doubles

3. Basil Low: Boys Masters


4. Darren Choy:  Boys Byte II C


5. Quah Ting Wen: 50m freestyle

6. Quah Ting Wen: 100m freestyle (new national Open and U-17 records)

7. Quah Ting Wen: 200m freestyle (new national Open and U-17 records)

8. Lynette Lim: 400m freestyle (new national Open record)

9. Quah Ting Wen/Amanda Lim/Lynette Lim/Koh Hui Yu: Girls 4x100m freestyle (new national Open record)

SIX Silvers:


1. New Hui Fen: Girls Masters

2. New Hui Fen/Darshini Krishna/Anthea Soh/Ilma Nur Jannah Fadzal: Girls Team

3. Basil Low/Justin Lim/Christopher Hwang/Brandon Lee: Boys Team


4. Najwa Jumani: Girls Byte IIC


5. Amanda Lim: Girls 50m freestyle (new national Open and U-17 record)

6. Amanda Lim: Girls 100m freestyle

FIFTEEN Bronzes:


1. Shahrir Mohd Anuar: Boys 100m

2. Sean Lim: Boys Pole Vault

3. Inez Leong: Girls 100m hurdles

4. Melissa Wu: Girls Long Jump


5. Christopher Hwang/Brandon Lee: Boys Doubles

6. Darshini Krishna: Girls Masters


7. Audrey Yong: Girls Bic Techno

8. Singapore: Nations Trophy


9. Abel Lim: Boys 10m Air Rifle


10. Roanne Ho: Girls 50m breaststroke (new national record)

11. Lionel Khoo: Boys 50m breaststroke

12. Rainer Ng: Boys 100m backstroke

13. Amanda Lim/Roanne Ho/Lynette Lim/Quah Ting Wen: Girls 4x100m Medley Relay

14. Rainer Ng/Dzulhaili Kamal/Lionel Khoo/Clement Lim: Boys 4x1o0m Medley Relay

Table Tennis:

Isabelle Li, Clarence Chew: Mixed Team

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan

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