Unconscious Dollah is now fighting pneumonia and a lung infection

A press conference was organised by Tan Tock Seng Hospital today to give the latest update on Dollah Kassim’s condition.

The Singapore football legend, who works for Singapore Pools as a football analyst, remains in a coma and is not respondng to external stimuli. This is the fourth day that he has stayed unconscious.

There was some other bad news: Dollah is also fighting pneumonia, caused by a lung infection. It seems that when he collapsed, some of the contents in his stomach flowed into his lungs, thereby causing the infection.

Finally, it was revealed that Dollah’s heart was a ticking time-bomb as several of his arteries were already clogged up. His family also said that the 60-year-old had not been for a medical screening for several years.

His famly also gave a statement to the media tonight: they thanked everyone for their support and well-wishes, and apologised for not being able to speak publicly in recent days as they had been busy tending to Dollah.

There will be another media update on Dollah’s condition on Monday.

Please continue to pray for Dollah’s recovery and for his family’s emotional well-being. 

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One thought on “Unconscious Dollah is now fighting pneumonia and a lung infection

  1. Ahan says:

    Singapore fans are behind you..

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