Update: Unconcious Dollah moved from Tan Tock Seng Hospital to Ren Ci Nursing Home

According to a report in today’s edition of  TODAY, former Singapore football star Dollah Kassim has been moved from Tan Tock Seng Hospital to Ren Ci Nursing Home.

Dollah, 60, suffered a heart attack on Oct 4 during a friendly veterans game at Jalan Besar Stadium and was rushed to TTSH where he slipped into a coma. He stayed in the Intensive Care Unit for almost a month before he was released to a general ward last week.

However, he still remains in a coma, and there is still the fear that he has suffered some brain injury as a result of his heart attack.

While the move from ICU to a general ward is a positive step forward, I fear that the move to Ren Ci Nursing Home does not neccessarily indicate an improvement in his condition.

It could just mean that the doctors at TTSH feel that they have done all that they can possibly do for Dollah, and as such, there is no longer a need to stay in hospital and incur unneccessary medical expenses.

A friend of mine, a former national player who visited Dollah recently, was close to tears when he described how the coma has clearly taken a toil on Dollah. Apparently, he has lost quite a bit of weight and is looking gaunt.

Please keep Dollah and his family in your thoughts and your prayers. Please pray for his eventual recovery and for his loved ones to continue having the strength to get through this difficult period in their lives.

Yours in sport

Singapore Sports Fan


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