Why paid vendors should just focus on what they are paid to do, and stop tweeting rubbish

I saw this on Red Sports’ Facebook page. It’s a tweet by Ian Mullane, the CEO of Vanda Sports, which has been hired by the Football Association of Singapore to be the branding and marketing consultant for the Young Lions in this season’s S-League:

@voxsports &@redsports are a joke. They claim to do sport and they haven’t even mentioned or covered the start of the S League.

That was four days ago.

Today, he continues his online assault:

Happy to see ST and Today giving solid #SLeague coverage. Still some supposed sports news services embarrassing themselves though.

Basically, Mullane was criticising Red Sports and Vanda Sports for not covering the S-League.

This is what I can’t stand about these types of people.

Hired by a national sports body to promote a local football team, and by extension, a local football league, they suddenly think they are the authority on local sports coverage in Singapore, and on deciding who is doing a good or bad job on local sports reportage.

There is a term for this in Malay: Kurang ajar.

There is another term for this in Hokkien: kay poh.

I share mr brown and mr miyagi’s sense of outrage.

Seriously, why should Mullane care what Red Sports and Vanda Sports are choosing to cover for their own sites? Why should it be anybody else’s business but theirs alone?

And think about this: if Mullane hadn’t been HIRED to market and brand the Young Lions, would he be going about clamouring for more local coverage of the Young Lions, the S-League or local football for that matter?

Would he then be so fawning towards the local press and other media outlets and so generous with his praise of them because of their coverage of the S-League?

Bottom line: Dude, you are a PAID VENDOR, hired to deliver a particular service. You are not a God-send. So please, know your place and stop being such an embarrassing eunuch.

By going on like this, you are no better than Andy Gray, the ‘jabbering baffoon’ you dissed in one of your previous tweets.

End of the day, remember what they say about the proverbial empty vessel…

To the guys at Red Sports and Vox Sports, keep up the good work.

Yours in sport
Singapore Sports Fan

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5 thoughts on “Why paid vendors should just focus on what they are paid to do, and stop tweeting rubbish

  1. slipstream says:

    Totally agree SSF, the best part here is that Mr Mullane and his company need media to make this venture work with the S League and the young Lions , and he segregates which media he thinks is best- clearly someone who does not know the concept of media relations, and more importantly the media scene in Singapore.

    I’m eagerly awaiting how long the ‘good people’ at Straits Times and Today pick up on this tweet, and ‘turn’ on Mr Mullane – media is media in this tiny red dot mate!

    I also heard that Vanda are doing this PRO BONO – for FREE in an effort to make themselves look good in establishing their sports business….hahah

    • singaporesportsfan says:

      Hi Slipstream

      Thanks for your feedback. Sorry it took a while to appear. I don’t know why but it ended up in the spam basket, and I only just found it there.

      What really irritates me in this whole episode is this holier than thou attitude that Mullane is showing here. This just reinforces some of the negative perceptions one has of expatriates – the brashness, the sheer arrogance, the ignorance, and the sense of superiority.

      Cheers, slipstream, and thanks for visiting

  2. marissab says:

    I completely agree. I cannot stand the people over at FAS who think they’re all god-send, with no results to back up their sense of entitlement. I would even say, for a league the standard of S-league, they’ve been given way too much coverage in the local press. While our athletes who actually deliver get little or no mention at all. Mr Ian Mullane, yes, you can quote me on this. FAS for its pathetic results deserve no coverage at all

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